Saturday, March 26, 2005

The Chickens are attacking!!!

So, I've come to realize that if you don't have a chicken ( a live one) then you are not living the traditional ukrainian lifestyle... I actually figured that out a while back but it became even more relevant this past week. I was in Borova ( a town nearby with another group of volunteers that we meet with for technical training on Saturdays) and one of our teachers was talking with us about the mongol-tatars and the Kosacks... very interesting stuff... the room was really hot so we opened the door to let some fresh air in... and then all of a sudden out of no where 5 chickens were inspired by the Mongolian tatars and ATTACKED!!! The flew in the back door and started squaking or clucking violently... whetever it is that chickens do... SO, Volodiya our teacher runs into the kitchen and starts moving the door trying to shoo the chickens away and he actually pelted one of them with the door and all of a sudden you hear this chicken yelp from it's belly... AARRGGUU!!! It was definitely a cross cultural experience... So to make things better on the way home from Borova after class... I take a short cut past the wood factory, and the burned out warehouse and the abandoned gas station to get to my apartment building ( don't worry mom my sister Olya showed me it) and as I'm walking past the gas station the chickens have taken over and are just clucking around, there must have been 20 of them! I just start roaring. I mean it's just like a swarm of them clucking and pecking around the abandoned gas pumps!!! It was hysterical and no one was watching them... Ya know, It's the little moments like that that make it all worth while!


Blogger Mom said...

Meg, Happy Easter!!!! Chickens are very traditional with Easter so it's very appropriate that you had a lesson in chickens during Holy Week. You'll never think of marshmellow peeps or buffalo chicken wings in quite the same way.
Glad you're learning your way around and are taking your cues from Olya. Hope you were able to attend Easter Mass. Keeping you in my Easter prayers.
Love, MOM

8:59 AM  
Blogger Nancy said...

HI Meg!!

Easter Greetings!! We had a very nice day. Heather, Mirek and the Princess came for breakfast!! The little one was in a bit of a mood but I understand after a nice long nap that she was a real princess at you mother's--all personality. We went to Uncle Frank's and had a great time. Raine and Chad were all into Easter. A lovely family dinner was had by all --- we did not have chicken. Thanks for you letter--Nana's keeps it on the televison and asks me to read it to her often. Well it is 7:45 am so I will be off to Church and then work. I have been off since Thursday and it was great. Know that we love you and so proud of your genrosity, courage and adventure. Love Aunt Nancy.

4:50 AM  
Blogger Aunt Barb said...

Hi Meg, You are hysterical, the chickens are taking over your village. I had chicken for dinner last night I was great but from now on when I have chicken all I will think about is the Easter Saturday over taking of your village. Had a great Easter at your Mom's, hope yours was good too. Really enjoyed your letter, thanks for writing. Love you and miss you.
Love, Aunt Barb

5:20 AM  
Blogger Melissa said...

Hey Meg!!!!!! I'm so glad things are going well. haha Chickens. How is everyone over there taking the Pope? Things are good here. Anthony and I are getting serious. I will keep you posted. ;) Keep having fun and experiencing life. And look out for livestock. Love-Melissa

8:15 AM  

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